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I had not heard that phrase in a while but it was said to me a couple of months ago as I checked in for an appointment, after verifying that they had my most current information.  I don’t know why, but I just like it.  “You are good to go!”  Maybe it sounds like “Houston” says to the astronauts before they hit the ignition switch and take off into space.  I think what it really tells me is that there is no turning back.  Whether you are ready or not, the next step is coming.  It may be a doozy, but we are still doing it, so hold on, put your hands and up and LOVE the ride.  About a month ago, I met a very nice woman who listened to me rattle on about what I do here and towards the end of our conversation she told me three little words that I truly take to heart and always will when they are expressed to me…those words are, “You’ve inspired me.”  Thanks you, PSH, for your listening ear and I enjoyed visiting with you.  I look forward to seeing you again soon.  In a few short moments, stolen before heading our way home, we were able to share and get to know one another a little bit that felt comfortable enough to tell our stories.  I cannot tell mine without including Rocky, but it always takes me back to that time when I was shaking my head, trying to process everything that was going on with none of it making sense.  I received some big validation from someone else that is watching what I am doing with my writing, but I was unaware that he was doing so.  But with everything else going on in my head, I know that this is what I am meant to do.  Doors are beginning to open as I also search for more ways to change the world.  But first, we must change the way the world thinks.  Then, action can take over. Someone must be willing to say and do what everyone else thinks should be said and done.” Are you that someone?  If you think you aren’t, why do you think that?  I am so humbled when I think that the possibility to change the world can live within me.  And yet, I continue on because of the little blessing that tells me that I am “Good to go!”

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