Go rogue!

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There are very few moments that occur when I am not thinking.  About something.  Or someone.  Seriously.  My dreams probably have a message in them somewhere or an epiphany that I might have missed had I been awake.  People will drive by me, trying to get my attention, and I inadvertently don’t see them.  It’s not on purpose, so please don’t take it personally.  People are creatures of habit.  We can drive our routine to work almost without thinking and we may even pass that same red and white old F-150 truck going in the opposite direction as you head to and from work.  But that gets old.  And stale.  I have always enjoyed a variety — whether it come to food packed for our of town baseball tournaments (just ask my family — I pack everything I think they might want.) I get tired of the “same old thing”.  When people ask, “What’s new?” and your answer is, “nothing”, your life sounds pretty boring.  I want excitement.  I want adventure.  I want the unknown.  I want to go rogue.  People are comfortable with the plan and the safety net.  There is always a “Plan B”, even if it is never used.  It exists, just in case.  I am one that created that phrase, “Just In Case” and have used it many times.  That’s the planner in me.  But every once in a while, I want to try something new.  I want to gain more knowledge.  I want to see what’s out there for me.  In those moments, I throw “Plan B” out the window and decide to see what happens.  Have you ever wanted to just try?  Maybe see what happens?  Too many times, we live with the regret of “WHAT IF?” because we were afraid of the outcome, always looking for the worst that could happen. Or we let others decide how we live our lives. A lot of people do that and forget that everyone has ONE life to live.  Not one less and not one more.  We get to choose.  Some of us tackle fears we have had forever because we want to say, “I did that!” while others never challenge themselves because they lack the will to try.  They find it easier to just not do anything about doing those things that make them feel uncomfortable.  But adrenalin doesn’t live in the routine of life.  It lives in the cracks of our soul when we ignite courage over fear.  It grows when our confidence makes us walk a little taller.  It shows when our moxie can no longer be hidden.  We have decided to go rogue.  We have committed to the experiences yet to occur.  We believe in all that could be and what should be.  With no hesitation of looking back, we have stepped away from the normal and have accepted what may not be fulfilled.  Ultimately, it comes down to this…you will start your journey and even though you never saw it coming, you know you will “Save Yourself” by Jory 

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