Giving feeds our souls

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We all have things we do well.  Similarly, we also have things we don’t do so well too.  But we ALL have the ability to learn how to do things better.  The difference is whether we work at it or not.  Just like exercise.  But this post is not about how many crunches we need to do or how many miles we need to run.  My son and I attended a high school play one night this week to support those that would be performing and as we got ready to leave,  I noticed the audience included not just parents of the performers, but also many friends as well.  Some that had already graduated from high school and wanted to be there to support people that they love.  They freely gave their time — even if it was 90 minutes — to watch a production put on by classmates.  In this world, there are two kinds of people — givers and takers.  Which one are you?  And if you are a giver, do you give unconditionally or do you have an another motive in mind (recognition, praise, etc.)?  And if you are a taker, do you really even know that you are a taker?  The takers are selfish, are never satisfied with what they have, and never see anything from another perspective except their own.  Sometimes, it can be a waste of time to point out the constant taking by these people because they are still so busy taking.  But what about those givers?  Most givers are not very good at receiving.  They have an advantage over the takers because their soul is being feed every time they give.  On the other hand, the takers are fed on the surface only and never quite understand why they have to keep going back for more.  People who love to give to others and connect with them, even momentarily, leave something that lives long after they part ways.  Giving is not associated with a monetary value, a length of time, or predicted outcome.  Selfless giving — true, unconditional giving — can nourish our lives in ways we never thought possible.  Send a card to someone you are thinking about — just because.  Reach out to those you miss.  Say “I love you” FIRST.  Invite someone to lunch.  Sharing our hearts and the giving of our love will feed our soul so that we never go hungry.  We never have to search for out next meal because we don’t have to.  We are constantly provided with more than enough to sustain us to give more tomorrow.  So, ask yourself this one question…am I a giver or a taker?  And then you have to decide what happens next.  But I will tell you that even when you think no one is paying attention, busy with their own lives, people are watching.  And taking note.  But even if you have been a taker, all is not lost.  There is still time to turn this around and start feeding your soul, too.  And when you do, you will notice it immediately, because your quench for something that had never been fill before will no longer exist.  When I give, I always “Catch My Breath” by Kelly Clarkson

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