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Several weeks ago, I saw the best smile on someone I had not seen in over a year. His smile radiated through to everyone he greeted. Seeing him again confirmed what I had always believed about this young man…he still can change what happens next in his life. He may have stumbled, been defiant and found himself in a tougher situation, and then before he knew it, was in deep. But his life wasn’t over — even when he was confined, not just by his own demons, too.  How many of us have settled into what we think we should be?  Or even worse, what others think we should be?  But how many of us have let life “happen” to us instead of us taking charge of our lives.  During the day, I see so many women (especially) that are so afraid of living that it makes me incredibly sad.  They just barely make it one day to the next, never feeling those exhilarating moments that come with pure joy and the love of living.  We all have good days and we all have bad days, but most are pretty routine.  But we can even make those days special.  People I know have had to literally fight for their lives.  They have fought unimaginable battles just to breathe another breath or to feel another touch.  But how many of us waste something that others would relish forever?  Too much time is wasted on what doesn’t matter and not enough time is spent on what does matter and that needs to change.  This is your ONE shot at life — what are going to do with it?  You can sit in the corner and watch life pass you by — I know what that looks like because that was me.  You can quietly bow as you become submissive to the life you see before you.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.  We only pay attention to what we could lose when we it becomes in jeopardy of being lost.  WHY???  Shouldn’t we fight for what we want?  A great friend of mine recently had a little health scare and although we are in “watchful” mode, because this has come to the surface, it put all of us that love her in “go” mode.  We were fully ready to attack whatever was hurting her and will do that with a vengeance, when and if the time comes.  But why wait until we HAVE to fight?  Isn’t life precious enough to want to protect it at ALL times?  Do you have conflicting messages with who you know you are and who others think you should be?  I know it I frightening.  I get it.  But don’t you think that we all have been there?  Some of you might still be there.  Your life is more than a name with the date your were born…you can be so great.  It’s now or never.  “It’s My Life” by Bon Jovi

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