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We all started somewhere…it doesn’t matter where.  Some of us grew up in one place and never left.  Others moved around a bit, hoping to find a place to settle down.  But all of us can admit that along the way, we have received some bumps and even given some bumps too.  Hopefully, the ones we have given are the ones that are forgiven, just as the ones we receive should be.  But along our travels, we have collected a stack of memories, a few experiences that have changed us forever, and maybe kept a few of those special people as well.  We have loved and been unloved.  We have lost people and brought new people in.  We have tried something new that becomes a way to define us and also tried something that we will never try again.  We have made mistakes, trying for perfection.  We have felt blissful after achieving great success.  We have pushed ourselves to reach higher than we did the day before.  Our lives our dictated by the moments in our lives.  I do not have extra letters after my name, and although I had a couple of classes in college related to psychology and sociology, human nature is not all that confusing to me.  Logical thinking is well, logical.  It would be very easy to understand why people do not trust others when they have felt betrayal before. Being a rule-follower by nature, my gut usually tells me when I should not be doing something.  But sometimes, things happen without me realizing it.  Maybe that happens to you too.  Got any bumps on your bumper?  Maybe a scratch here and there?  Any dents that need pounded out?  Guess what…we all do.  There is a saying that says something like, “Never be ashamed of the scars you wear because it is proof that whatever tried to hurt you lost.  You won.”  We all come from somewhere, headed somewhere.  We may not get there in the way we had hoped, unscathed from the weather and the environment we have met along the way, but we are here. This week marks a milestone for a dear friend who have weathered a most difficult storm and although there may have been times that she thought this day would never come, I have seen her take complete control over her life and she is surely doing something with it.  I am so proud of her and I hope she knows it too.  Some of us quit trying because we get a couple of knocks that set us back a bit.  Most of us recover and keep moving forward.  Where are you and where do you want to be?  As we meet the end of one year and the beginning  of another, the resolution list begins to develop.  But how many will you keep?  You can quit or you can try.  And if you fail after one attempt, you can quit or you can try again.  Accept and understand that you are going to get beat up.  How much can you take?  Some people appreciate the dents because it shows that you were not going down with the count.  And I will bet, there is more to you than a couple dents.  Chances are you  “Haven’t Seen the Last of Me” by Cher

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