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I do not remember if I have ever talked about how much I dislike doubt. When doubt creeps into our heads, we question everything. We second guess things we didn’t think twice about before. Sometimes, that doubt comes from a gut feeling about something we are unsure of and teeter-totter back and forth about what we should do. Other times, doubt comes from something external. Something someone said, a gesture that was made, or some other sign that we interpret to be a negative one. Something like that was made earlier this week and it has been bothering me ever since. I had done something that I was very comfortable with that made me vulnerable. I was very comfortable with my decision until I interpreted something a friend said so I changed my decision. Only based on her comment. I trust her completely, so of course, I value her opinion. However, I also feel like I need to be true to myself and my original feelings about my decision. One person told me that I should go back to my original decision, but have DOUBT. Here is the irony of this post…I was visiting with a 14-year-old daughter of a co-worker yesterday and I told her to not let outside sources influence our decisions or our feelings. I became a hypocrite at that moment and didn’t like that either. What to do…what to do…Too many times we question when we should just go and do what our heart tells us to, but we take time to stop and think. Go with your gut – that is usually the best anyway, or so the story goes.

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