Diamond in the rough

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Ever looked at something and made a snap judgment about someone or something?  Ever looked at an old man, sitting helplessly near a vacate building and quickly avoided eye contact as maybe his stench started to creep your way and you became disgusted with what you saw?  Ever seen that same man and wondered instead what brought him to that very doorstep and what his story looked like as your compassion for another human being became stronger than the odor coming from his clothes?  Ever seen someone who has minimal motion or lost sight still do amazing things?  Or do you look at them as being “lesser” of a person because they are missing an arm?  There are days that it is difficult not to judge or to create a reason for someone to be where they are.  We find it easier to ridicule and make fun of instead of taking time to listen and truly understand.  Over the last couple of weeks, a friend has come to me to talk to me about a situation that includes her teenage daughter being bullied by one-time friends and I have listened, shared some advice, and given her a shoulder to cry on when needed.  As much as I do not wish for my friend and daughter to be in this situation, I told her recently that maybe this is a “make it” moment.  What do I mean by a “make it” moment?  You know those moments when you have to decide to be in “flight or fight” mode.  When you begin to truly shine and show people just how strong you are.  We are all diamonds in the rough.  And like all diamonds we must first be found and then cut to truly glimmer.  Every single day, we are given just a few moments that can define us forever.  They will guide us on a path that we never saw before, but also know that taking an alternate route is out of the question.  Although the question was never one really to ponder, the answer became so automatic that it cemented everything you truly believe about yourself and the life you want.  You become unmoved — even if you stand alone — and come to understand who you are.  We are beautiful, inside and out. I know people who might be judged because of their past, their weight, or even their current choices.  I am not in their shoes and cannot fault them for making the choices they have made.  So, I ask you to find a situation or two today where you can be brilliant.  No just ok…not just hiding out somewhere where no one can see you.  I want you to GLOW!  I want people to look at you and feel the warmth of your heart, the love you freely give, and the compassion that we all deserve.  All buried treasure must be found and dusted off, don’t you know?  The best things are not just laying out in the open for the viewing; they must be discovered. We are all diamonds in the rough…waiting for our chance to shine.  Personally, I know that you are worth more than “Gold” by Britt Nicole

Michelle A. Homme 2014 ©

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