The connection you are all afraid to make

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The connection

We have this yearning to connect, not just with the people around us, but with our true self.

It is one thing to relate to someone else.

Something different when we unite with another person.

Finding our answers in the story heard.

As humans, it is something most of us never discover.

Wandering for years, hoping we will know it when we find it.

But we know it when we see it.

It is something we feel.

It vibrates through us, as if it has always been there.

However, we know better.

Most often, it never leaves us.

We know its presence.

Fear holds us back

Even though we secretly want to be inline with our hearts, we just can’t find where we need to be.

If we found it, would we grab hold of it?

Or would that moment of fear keep us from it?

We are not most afraid of what others will think should we be lucky enough to identify this truth, but what it means to unearth it.

Years of dirt and muck have created a perimeter of filthy we are too embarrassed to uncover.

Once we get to the very core of what is underneath, we feel a little unnerved by the rawness we now feel.

We are exposed.

Everyone can see us, just as we always were.

Naked and vulnerable, it is not just what others see that frightens us…

…it is the reflection we see as well.

Reflection holds the truth

If we have allowed ourselves to dig so deeply into our very being, we might not like what we see.

Focusing on our mistakes — the ones we still haven’t quite forgiven.

Haunting us in our sleep, those moments never leave who we once were.

The past is merely a way to tell a story, yet the very essence of who you are has never changed.

In that reflection, is our light.

The core of everything we were born to be.

Encased within our soul is our purpose, fueled by passion.

Our light does not see our indiscretions of days gone by — it has no sense of time.

It merely is.

We want to believe

Once we come face to face with that reflection, we cringe at trying to believe in it.

Others have mentioned it to us, telling us they see it; yet we ignore their pleas and shrug off their words as facts.

Every day, we tip toe back and forth between wanting to believe and yet unsure of what is yet to be.

It is a small dance — one we have continued for years.

The reflection cannot show us what we are not — it can only show us what we are.

Too often, we can’t see to look past the outer shell of our body — the size of it, the age of it, and more.

Our hearts still call to us, begging for us to see them too.

At at standstill between letting go of all that we have covered up and wanting to grab hold of what we uncovered, we never move.

We never throw our hands up and say, “I’m IN! ALL IN!”

Letting go is the only way

Fear will keep us from this connection as long as we let it.

When our minds convince us to never trust what we know in our hearts to be true.

In that moment of letting go and embracing, celebrating, and letting the beauty of our essence be visible, we will be enlightened.

Our inner peace will become our spiritual guide as we continue to walk in our truth.

No longer ashamed of our past or afraid of our future, we find ourselves ever present in the NOW.

Surrounded by chaos, yet calm.

Busier than ever with life as we know it, but appreciating time as it exists.

For it is in the shedding of all we are not, all we pretend to be, and all we failed at, we discover our purest sense of self.

Our BEST self.

The very root of who we are.

It’s time

You have waited a lifetime and given yourself every excuse you can think of…

…it’s time to grab hold of everything you try to hide.

Everything you try to run from.

You can’t hide or run from what is within you.

The inner beauty you possess leaves us speechless.

Cast aside your fears and see everything within you that makes you so incredibly amazing.

Stop living in the shadows, looking over your shoulder.

Dig deep for the courage needed to step into your all that you are.

You’ve lived that life.

No more.

Your authentic being awaits.

The person you want to be isn’t someone you find along your journey…it is the very self you have known all along you always were.



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