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Some people don’t have it and want it and others have it and share it. Where does it come from? Why do some people have more than others? How do you get more? Confidence is described as having the “belief in oneself and one’s powers or abilities”. There are times that we lack confidence regarding certain things – for example, I lack confidence when it comes to singing in public. However, in my car or in my shower, my confidence soars like I could be the next American Idol. Not. But I do have strengths and so do you. When we use our strengths, it builds confidence. When we are successful, it builds confidence. When we take chances, it builds confidence. Since I am inside for the next couple of months and cannot run outside, I am exploring something new to help minimize my attitude towards the ellipitcal during my early morning workout. This is something very new to me and some people would actually freak if they knew. Yes, I am keeping you in suspense for now. Let’s see how I do, then my confidence will soar and then I can share. I start tomorrow. I remember when someone at work told me that I had more confidence when I lost weight, but I did not realize that I was “carrying myself differently”. It wasn’t quite expressed to me in that way, but I am sure that when we feel good about ourselves, it has to show. We don’t even know it. But others do. There are so many people who lack confidence to try something new (a new outfit, a new haircut, a new friend, a new job, etc), so they get stuck in a rut. Do you carrying your confidence where others see it? Do you realize that people are naturally drawn to those people that they can learn from and that we are like sponges, wanting to soak it all in? We are driven by an inner yearning to be more and we can be more when we do more, when we think more, when we show the world more. Have confidence today and show everyone that you know who you are.

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