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I am one to push myself to be better and do more than I had done previously, but had get motivated by different things and people at different times.  Sometimes, I don’t understand it because it just seems to happen.  It happened a few years ago when I picked up my then running twice a week and to running six days a week.  Last summer, I really didn’t do anything more than what I had done the previous year.  This year is different.  The running I have down so now I am working on some other things that will make me better and stronger.  In fact, one of those things includes running in a half marathon this Sunday.  Yes, it is my first one and I have two main objectives: 1) finish without needing medical assistance and 2) finish before the race ends.  I also do not care what my time is but have a number in my head that I would like to be as my target.  As I was doing my six plus miles today at certain times, I wanted to quit, but what do I keep hearing in my head, but “Ten more steps!”  LOL….thanks, Rock.  What have you done to challenge yourself lately?  Do you want to throw in the towel and give up?  Why?  Probably because you think it is hard and you don’t think you can do it.  Failure is not an option and you need to remember that you will not be moved.  Say to yourself, “I refuse to give up on me…even when it is hard and I don’t think I can do it.”  I have been fighting a cold all week, but today was really the first day that I could do all six without stopping and really didn’t feel like I needed to anyway.  HUH?  Just when I think I can’t, I do.  Don’t take the easy road all the time….take the more difficult one from time to time.  It makes you who you are and shows others the same.  I am running this race on Sunday, but I am not running against anyone else.  I run for me.  I want to be able to say, “I did that” and even if no one knows it but me, I will always know that I accomplished something and no one will ever be able to take that from me.  I will have set the benchmark so that when I do the Princess Half Marathon in Florida next year, I will enjoy that run as well.  Push yourself…extend your reach…do it.  When your energy and time is running low and you think there is no possible way that you can make anything else work, that is when you become super-focused and are able to truly challenge yourself.  Don’t ever give up.  Always fight the good fight.  Keep people guessing and on their toes so that they never know what to expect next.  “Take charge…and mean it!”

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