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First, I have to thank a group of wonderful ladies that I have spent a good portion of this summer with as we attend our sons’ baseball games. As I share more of me, I get more ideas and more excited about my dream. Thank you all…you know who you are. Sometimes, my best ideas for this blog or for other pieces to my adventure come at the most unusual times. As I visited with SM and was just me being me, I pointed out that so many of us focus on the possibility of failure before we can even imagine success being what comes our way. Why is failure easier to swallow than success? I remember Rocky asking me back in September of last year if I would consider my attempt at losing 30 pounds a success or a failure, even if I lost 28 pounds. I told her I would consider it a failure. Here is where your perspective has to change. You attitude has to change. Instead of being sure that you can’t, what if you can? I am reminded of a conversation I had with LL in KC about starting something for women in addition to what I want to do for kids. I went back to my hotel room, texted Rocky and then even though I had assurance from her, I back-peddled almost just as quickly, like I was having buyer’s remorse. But then just as soon as I dismissed this great idea that I was so ecstatic about, I was texting Rocky again, saying “But what if I can?” – she again gave me her support, but it wasn’t like I did not believe her, but I had already pictured the failure before I could even try. How can that be? We always think we know what is going to happen and we really do not know. I was on the teeter-totter of second guessing myself without even giving myself a chance to succeed. What are you thinking about or want to do that you can do to change your world, even in the smallest of ways? Passion and excitement should always win over fear and doubt. I see it every day when I hear about Rocky moving closer to bringing her dream to reality. Nothing makes me more thrilled than hearing about someone sharing about their dream – even those far-fetched, I must be crazy dreams. Last week, I was with two new friends and I asked one what she always dreamed of doing in her life – SJ admitted she always wanted to be a pilot. LR told me later than she has known SJ for years and never knew she wanted to be a pilot. Taking baby steps is still moving forward. “Something that is passionately driven cannot be prevented from moving forward.” Never focus on the negative, never think about what you cannot do. Believe that you can…and once you do that, you will find it and accept it when it happens for real. I do not question anymore if I can’t serve others in the way I do – whether with my words, my willingness to share, or by giving my time. I believe that I can. Tonight, I was told that someone that I have spoken to at some of these baseball games has taken some of the things we have shared and started to figure out where she is in her life. Always here, SM. What if you CAN?

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