Be Radiant today!!

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Even though it is dark, a little drizzly, and chilly this morning, I want you to all be radiant today!! Let your light shine and bloom – even in this kind of weather. We should not let the weather dictate what we give to the world. We should shine MORE on these days because we can. Smile at complete strangers, say good morning to co-workers, be patient on the roads. It is amazing how just letting your light shine can bring smiles to so many others. As much as we need reminders to bloom, we need to also be radiant and bring joy to those around us. Do you know how much we can accomplish by letting ourselves be beautiful? I told a co-worker last week, that she was beautiful and she shrugged it off, as if she did not believe it. I know what that looks like – that was me. When she walked by again, I told her that I was serious and she did say “thank you”, but I am not sure she still believed it. Let the walls come down and let us believe that we are all beautiful, radiant, and meant to bloom. A song I heard over the weekend has one line in it that stopped me mid-run – “Don’t forget why you are here.” We are all here for a reason – our reason is to be Radiant!!!!

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