Back to the basics

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Time to get back to the basics and really hone in on what is important, what isn’t, and where I am going. Sometimes we try to pretty things up and make it more than it really is and should be. I found a new book today that’s centered about a woman’s soul and that is what drew me to the book, but what first caught my eye was the title, “Ruby Slippers”. This has several references to the Wizard of Oz as you would expect, but those shoes have another meaning to me as it relates to Rocky. Anyway, I am sitting here, ready to go to my G.I.F.T. meeting and realized that we need to get back to the basics. Forget about all of the other, unnecessary, foo-foo stuff. It doesn’t mean anything except in appearances. But what is really important? How we make others feel. What we say and the tone in which those words are said. Being true to ourselves without causing damage to others. Believing that we can be more than what you see before you. Making choices that may be difficult. Refocusing our energy on what brings us joy. I am so energized with new thoughts and places I see myself going that I almost cannot sit still. My heart is pounding, but in a good way. I have exciting news to share and regardless of what happens next, I have nothing to lose when I try. Nothing to lose. I already know what I have before me and I want more. I see myself changing more lives than I could have ever imagined. The teenagers I saw this week encourage me because they are thirsty for it…they need to hear it. They are craving some direction and want to be told that it is ok to be afraid. I was the queen of that for so long. One boy told me that he never wanted to be out on the ocean because of a movie he saw where this couple was adrift for months. He does not want to feel the fear, so he does not go out onto the water. But that can be a reason not to do anything where the slight possibility of something going wrong (this was my motto for YEARS!) kept me away from experiencing the fun and the possibility of things going very right. That is when he said, “you need to be a motivation speaker.” I told him, “Guess what? I am”. It starts with talking and taking chances, with no net and no one to hold my hand as I do it. I am making things more simple with my belief in encouraging others to believe and know that changing your life is not as complicated as people think. Get back to the basics.

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