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I used to call this The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, but I like this better. It was used in a message today to me from someone as I have struggled over the last couple of days with wanting to run. It has also been mentioned to me that, “Running is easy…staying is hard.” Afraid of the unknown not even yet before me and guessing at what my future may hold, set me back on my heels and put me out of sync in many ways. It was noticed and I was not even sure where it even came from. Part of me still believed it to be untrue – that everything I wanted something to be would not be something I could have. It was a fluke – a mistake – a boo-boo. It is something that I have to believe I can have, should have, deserve to have. I have to not give in to the easy choice, but put that faith in someone else and let them choose, even if I have been promised what that choice would be should the time come. If we ever cross that bridge, I was reminded that she would always be here. ALWAYS HERE. When you make a promise to someone that you will be there through anything and everything, what does that say about you? Of course, if the tables were turned, I would be there for her through anything and everything. In fact, I would be hurt if I was not included in that and I would expect to be in the middle of it all. Not really sure what she needed, but would be there – ALWAYS THERE. The devotion and committment to something that you are not wavering, not ever giving up, always present especially when something is difficult will make you go places you never imagined. It will make you search for the will to do all that you can to hold onto what you treasure most. Your grasp may loosen, but you will never be able to actually let go. You can’t. You have become a living part of someone else and that memory will never fade – despite time or distance. You have to have faith…you have to believe…you have to know…you have to take chances…you have to love…you have to let go…you have to live. When you are willing to give it your everything regardless of anything that comes up, then not

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hing can stop you.


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