7 reasons why change makes us better

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There are many reasons for change

Life is funny sometimes.

Other times, it is just down right scary.

We change schools, move jobs, and fall in love with different people.

We start one day with one kind of attitude then something happens and changes it.

Maybe neighbors move away and new ones move in.

Kids grow apart and so do the parents.

Friends stop talking with one another and they become strangers.

Life is a changing.

All the time.

Change is change

Too often, people assume change is bad.

It isn’t.

It’s just different.

Change means we have to adjust.

To step towards something new.

Uncomfortable as it is, it should be expected.

Because life is change.

All the time.

This is a transition from one place to another.

Connecting an ending to a beginning.

That’s all.

Change makes us better

Here’s why:

  1. We feel refreshed

    With change, we are unable to feel stagnant and stale. We don’t sit for too long in one place. Therefore, we can’t get bored. Something new is just around the corner. With that comes excitement and a natural-born curiosity of the unknown. When we feel excited about change, there are no doubts. No room for fear. Our enthusiasm is endless.

  2. We learn

    In addition to feeling this new energy, we gain new information. That new information requires us comprehend new truths and dis-spell old ones. Something that may have intimidated us in the past doesn’t seem to have the power it once had. When faced with a change, we learn more about ourselves too. We trust our intuition more as we soak up and digest what we can.

  3. We build confidence

    Our limitations can be found in our comfort zones and when we step outside of them, we trust ourselves even more. By testing what we don’t know, we develop our self-esteem and become more confident. As other obstacles come our way, we remember how we handled uncomfortable situations in the past and convince ourselves that we are ready for the task that lay ahead.

  4. We experience the new

    As we travel down new roads, we are surrounded by a change of scenery. With new experiences built into our memory, it would be impossible to dismiss them as irrelevant and meaningless. Experiences are embedded forever and change brings those experiences to us. Whether we try new foods, travel to a distant country, or just take a different route to work, our perspective becomes something unfamiliar to us.

  5. We are curious

    Because we are somewhere new, we have to test the boundaries a little. Just like when we get a new car, we play with all of the knobs and switches to see what everything does. To understand how this new situation will interact with us, we must first check its responses. There are many questions as we wonder about what this new change is bringing to us.

  6. We take chances

    With this new sense of confidence, we are unsure of where the edge is, so we “test the waters.” For example, when we approach a swimming pool, most of us dip our toes in the water to check the temperature. Just so we can prepare before we jump into the deep end. The new high of adrenaline is at its peak and we are very excited about the possibilities not yet known to us.

  7. We inspire others

    Believe it or not, others are watching when we come face-to-face with something contradictory to what was known. In a round about and sometimes subtle way, we encourage others with our example to adapt to change. Acceptance and understand that nothing stays the same teaches others to be receptive to the changes they encounter in their own lives.

Change will always be a part of life

No matter who we are, where we come from, or what language we speak, change is life.

The hours of the day change just as the date does.

Babies grow up to be adults.

People retire from jobs they have held for 40 years.

Cars get old.

But change is a good thing.

When change comes our way, some of us hold back.

We resist.

Even drag our feet.

Change is here and it is going to stay so you might as well embrace it for all it is worth.

No point in holding onto something that is no longer here.

Remember what brought you here.

And how much better you are because of it.

Michelle A. Homme 2017 ©

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