7 powerful ways to listening: How to hear your own song

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Too often we ignore our song.  We pretend it doesn’t exist.  We might even look around to see if others hear it too.  But their song is not your song.  It is not my song.  But we all have a song.  How many people have you heard tell you that they wish their life was different and then do nothing to make that happen?  How many chances are we given to take or reject before those opportunities cease to exist?  How many moments have you looked back on and realized that when you were in them, you were doing what you were born to do?

As I take a moment to look back on experiences that I have had, I recognize the ones that should have been a trigger me of something bigger.  But I didn’t see them that way.  Giving a speech to over 300 people for the retiring principal at our elementary school did not mean anything significant at the time.  Standing in a driveway at night, surrounded by women looking for advice after a meeting didn’t seem important.  Writing essays in college was a requirement of the course syllabus.  Coaching, teaching, and mentoring to children and youth aged 7-17 was just something I did. It didn’t mean anything.  Lots of people did it.  Right?

So what’s the big deal?

The big deal is that when you put all of those moments together, they sing a melody.

That melody is the song of our soul…the one that defines the reason we are here and with it, comes a responsibility to do something special with it.

Alas, many do not.  They reject the notion that any amount of greatness already resides within them and spend a lifetime looking for it elsewhere.  But don’t we all do that?

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Here are the 7 ways to listen to hear your song:

1. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT:  The very first thing you need to do is to understand that you have a song.  And your song may not be something you would have picked for yourself.  We each have a purpose and sharing that song is a part of that purpose.

2. AWARENESS: Once you acknowledge that a song lives within you, you will hear a lullaby in random things that are somehow connected, but only you see how they relate to one another.  The first time you see something as can connect with it binds you to that moment.

3. BELIEF: You can acknowledge and be aware of your song, but it dies there is you don’t believe in it.  Many people get stuck here.  They explain why no one wants to hear their song or justify not sharing it due to possible failure and feelings of doubt.

4. ACCEPTANCE:  Once you believe in your song, you accept it for what it is.  It may sound completely differently than you thought it would and take you down roads you never imagined, but you welcome what comes next.

5. TRUST: You can close your eyes and you will still feel the vibrations from your song and before long you find yourself engulfed in so deeply that it is impossible to remove yourself from it.  Letting go of the wheel allows you to just be parts of the chords playing from your soul.

6. ACTION: Taking action and putting the song out into the world for everyone to hear is what makes us better.  It is what stops people in their tracks and makes them pay attention.  They are awestruck by its beauty and once heard, can never be unheard again.

7. COMMITMENT:  You song will eventually end unless you commit to making it not just a part of your life, but it becomes who you are.  People don’t have to hear it — they see it in your eyes, they hear it in the words you use, and in the way you carry yourself.

how we live

If we are to ever live our BEST life, it must be done by sharing our songs with one another.  We fall in love and feel inspired when we hear the souls of our fellow-man echoing so loudly that we can’t ignore it. [bctt tweet=” It speaks to us in ways we have never inagined and we find ourselves captivated by its lyrics, melody, and tune. “]

As you go about your every day life, remember that you have a song that aches to be heard.  It sets your soul free and allows the chimes that make up your beautiful music to live on as it impacts the rest of us. It speaks to us effortlessly and reminds us of our own song that we have yet to share. Take time to listen to what you have always known to be true.  Believe in what you cannot see, but you know is there.  Make an effort to be an active participant in the most important ballad of life — the song of your soul.

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