6 reasons why the struggle is better than the outcome

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Regardless of who we are, we all have dealt with something that wasn’t so easy. Something that seemed to be extended by time in a way few of us could ever imagine. Even the seemingly small things that might appear to never impact us sometimes rise through the darkness to remind us once again of the place we are in and the people we have become.

Some might hope to never encounter something difficult, too often wishing for the “easier” road. But what we wish for and what we get are sometimes something very different.

“Life doesn’t always give us what we want. Life gives us what we need.”

We have a tendency to put our intentions, our thoughts, and our actions on autopilot. We forgo doing anything more and instead, we take things (and people) for granted. We become comfortable. We become complacent.

There are always going to be reasons why we need the tough times in our lives. For reasons yet unknown, we may find ourselves hesitant and doubtful. However, the struggle is where the magic happens…when we have no choice but to dig deep and find the power to do things we never thought possible.

Everyone wants to win. To have the result be something good. Life doesn’t always ensure that, but either way, the best things we can learn from every fight we fight begin with the struggle.

1. Courage

Too often, we want to run when we feel afraid. We question our own abilities and maybe look around for some validation from others. Sometimes it’s there and other times it isn’t. Being afraid is natural and courage isn’t. We have to be forced to find our courage and only in moments of pure bravery does our courage show itself.

2. Growth

Having to go through something difficult changes us. In ways we never imagined. Once we have experienced something hard, we cannot unlearn the lessons taught there. We are no longer the same person we once were. Our development has become tainted by the moment of struggle and wishing that those moments didn’t happen because they were full of turmoil and chaos would also mean taking everything we learned along the way.

3. Confidence

Something happens to us when we have to fight for something we want and it restores something in us we may have forgotten. As a result of our trials, our inner power and our belief in ourselves begins to swell. It reminds us of the power we have always held and with it, it shows us the tenacity and daringness it took to take on such a feat.

4. Strength

Our weaknesses may not be so evident on normal days, but our toughness is what people see on our hardest days. When we think we have spent every last ounce of will and guts, somewhere our strength is what keeps us going. Our minds can do amazing things if we put those skills to the test. Being in a difficult situation will always heighten your attitude and your actions in ways you once never thought possible.

5. Commitment

It’s one thing to start something you know will be problematic. It’s something else to stay in it for the long haul. The dedication we give to the quarrel shows people how much we want it and what we are willing to do to get it. The term, “Whatever it takes” becomes your battle cry and solidifies your promise to following through and giving it your all.

6. Grit

It takes nerve to get in there and fight a battle you may not win. To fight for something most will never appreciate. Boldness if born from the guts we find when our backs are pushed against the wall and we don’t see a way out. Our willpower becomes out motivation to move in the direction we seek and our resolve to get there is not something we neglect. It drives us in ways we almost can’t describe.

Robert Frost road less traveled

Most of us never seek “the road less traveled” unless we were certain of the outcome falling in our favor. However, lately, that is where I seem to find myself in more ways than one.

Instead of running from the uncertainty, I find myself drawn to it. It inspires me when most would run in the opposite direction. It requires more of me and forces me to find what I am made of and where my heart truly lies. It pushes me when I might want to quit.

I may not be victorious with every battle I fight and I may never truly be ready for every one that comes my way, but either way, I will always be grateful for the struggle.

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