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What do you love?  Really LOVE???  Don’t just give something 50% or 75% — you have to give it 100%.  Why would you choose to try only half of the time?  Or three-quarters of the time?  You wouldn’t.  But if you love something, you have to love it with your WHOLE heart.  And if you love something with your whole heart, then that is what you should be doing.  Do we set aside other things to accomplish first because of a list we have created and self-imposed on ourselves before we start to fall in love with what our dreams have been telling us for a long time?  When you ask yourself THE question…”What is the one thing I wish I could change about my life?” and your answer is the same every time and you LOVE every minute you are doing it, then that is your answer.  If you keep asking yourself that question and your answer is the same every time, then that is your heart talking to you.  You need to start paying attention.  It aches when you do not listen to your dreams.  It cries at night because you are not following the advice of your heart.  I never really knew what that felt like until recently.  I have never seen anyone go from one place and completely do a 180 and go in a completely opposite direction because her heart told her to and she heeded that message.  But I have now and she ABSOLUTELY gives her dream her whole heart with 100% – maybe even more.  We get caught up in doing things because of past obligations and feel like breaking away would be letting people down.  We forget that we are letting ourselves down first.  We sacrifice time and energy on projects and people who seem wasted and instead should devote more time and energy to those that really mean something to us.  Today, I want you to ask yourself THE question and have the courage to answer it.  Don’t think about the answer…let your heart speak to you.  In a couple of days, ask yourself the same question and see what your answer is then.  Talk to your loved ones and friends…see what they think.  The answers you receive may have you searching for more answers, but that is how change occurs.  My bet is that your answer will be something you don’t really have to look very far to find as it is within you.  When you love something or someone, you them your whole heart.  Don’t you owe that to yourself?

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