When the world is crashing down, do this ONE thing

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Some days just suck

There are those days when we feel like the world is ending.

When we aren’t even sure of our name.

We are helpless to do anything about it, too.

One day, your day is going along, as expected and then “WHAM!”

Right out of nowhere, the rug gets pulled out from underneath you.

You start to spin as your head starts to race.

“Just let me off!” is all you can muster in between the screams and yells inside your head.

No one can hear you, but saying the words make you feel only slightly better.

And that’s about the best thing you can do too.

We become paralyzed

We know we can’t stay where we are, yet have no idea where to go next.

Our head is pounding louder and louder.

Logic has no place here when our emotions are running at full speed.

Friends and family will offer whatever they can, but none of it seems to make us feel any better.

We thought we knew what our day would look like and we had dreams yet to chase.

Fighting through tears, stumbling over simple every day acts, and crumbling at the sound of every word, we shatter.

Our worst nightmare has just become our reality.

It isn’t just hoping we take notice of its presence — it demands it.

Everything either slips away completely or takes a temporary delay.

What we thought we knew has just been taken from us.

The questions come

Although the ultimate question of “Why did this have to happen?” never comes with an answer of absolution we completely understand, others quickly fall into line…

“Where do I go from here?”

“How will I pay for that?”

“Why didn’t I notice that before?”

“Where there warning signs I missed?”

“What will others think?”

“Do you know how much of an inconvenience this is?”

“Am I strong enough to recover from this?”

Where these questions spawn from a job loss, a medical emergency, a recently-discovered affair by your spouse, or a fire that destroys your home, they are all situations that happen every day to someone.

Some questions never have answers that make the situation any better.

They don’t even help us feel better.

So, that ONE question keeps creeping up…

“What do I do now?”

This ONE thing always helps

People will tell you lots of things to do while you are in the middle of a crisis…

Spend time with friends…

Call if you need help…

Start a journal and write down your feelings…

Whatever they suggest MIGHT work, but I prefer something much more simple.


Even if you don’t believe in any god, you can still ask for wishes to be fulfilled.

You can ask that strength and courage be given to you in your time of need.

None of us is capable of getting through the toughest days life throws our way alone and praying allows those feelings of loneliness to slip away.

Let me be clear — praying does NOT make the situations or experiences we have in our lives disappear or make them never happen.

Praying can’t do that.

None of us can do that.

But praying gives us a way to be vulnerable and allow our hearts to be seen and heard.

It connects our soul to our emotions and allows them to become more focused.

Simple words carry big meanings

Maybe you don’t believe in a god.

That’s okay.

Simple wishes can come in the form of writing in a journal if you wish.

Some of you will keep the craziness going on in your life private and will keep your hopes the same.

Others will freely share your troubles and the hurdles you now face more publicly, believing that the more people who share in your dilemma, the stronger the message.

No matter what is in front of you, hold true to who you are and believe that you have what you need to get through this ordeal.

Time and patience will be your guides and you must allow them both to work through the process.

Wanting either one to speed up or slow down doesn’t make it so.

Close your eyes.

Take a deep breath.

You will get through this.

We all will.

Because we can all need a little prayer, a wish, and a hope.

Especially when on the days when everything is falling apart.

Michelle A. Homme 2017 ©


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