Why am I here?

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Yesterday was our middle son’s high school graduation and this time of year is the time for speeches, by school officials and the students themselves.  One of my friend’s posted on her Facebook timeline, that the quote that stuck with her was the one that reads, “There are two great days in a person’s life – the day we are born and the day we discover why.” – William Barclay and that got me thinking, too.  As my friend posed the question of “What is my purpose?”, I began to believe that we all ask that same question, but find different answers.  How many of you have wondered why we are here?  Yes, this is the beginning of Philosophy 101, if you missed it in college.  I remember taking that class, but don’t recall being ready to answer that question.  As I sat in the audience, listening to all the accomplishments of my son and his other 400+ members of his graduating class, I thought to myself that this is not it for them.  They still have questions to ask and answers to find.  We are not that different.  We find ourselves wondering if a small little gesture could ever make a big difference, and if we believe that it doesn’t then we choose not to do it.  We brush it away and forget about any possible impact we could make.  Nobody pays attention to the things that are “newsworthy” and grandiose in nature, right?  WRONG! We are here for many reasons, but the trick isn’t to satisfy them all, but to find that ONE…the true and only…reason why we are here.  Some people will be like comets and crash into people’s lives and without warning, without an earlier incident, their lives cannot be written without the other.  Maybe your reason for being here is to change someone’s life.  Maybe your reason is to cure the worst of the diseases. Maybe your reason is to educate those that would otherwise learn nothing of the world.  Maybe your reason is so simple and you are already doing it, that you miss it.  It is overlooked because you don’t think it is BIG enough or IMPORTANT enough, or WORTH enough.  Sound like you?  I have seen people who share nothing but themselves and transform lives forever.  I have read of others that give up monetary things to find peace with simplicity.  Our purposes are everywhere if we care to look for them and see them for more than what they are.  Because once you find it…your true purpose…your calling…you can’t ever live without it.  It becomes how you breath…what you believe…where you want to be…why you live. And when you let your heart speak and you listen closely, it will forever be impossible to silence the question of why you are here.  Because you KNOW. You know why you were born and you realize that you have a destiny to fulfill. Have an adventure discovering why you were born,   Never judge a book by its cover because chances are you will get a lot more than you bargained for and inside you is greatness waiting to peak.  Patiently abiding it’s time, slowly making you more aware of its presence.  It’s there.  Do you have the courage to search for it?  Do you want to love that 2nd GREAT day? You are there and don’t even know it.  But, you will get there.  And when you get to that point in your life, please understand that I have come to that moment in mine as I have accepted that this is “Who I was Born To Be” by Susan Boyle

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