What is grace?

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I love this word, but sometimes find it difficult to use it daily. It has a special meaning as someone told me once that “your grace amazes me”, but I did not really understand what that meant. I am just me. I am certainly not graceful – have you seen me try to do boot camp to the beat of the music? My husband thinks I am having a seizure or something. In fact, over the last 48 hours, I tripped over our dog as I headed to bed and maybe got a rug burn on my palm and just about gave myself a concussion as I hit my head full force on my nightstand as I reached for my phone charger cord that was on the floor. Yes, the lights were off both times…just in case you were wondering and thought I was a total goof. Ok, maybe you already think that, but it was dark. Not my finer moments, but I am recovering with a small goose egg on my forehead. Now, back to the subject of this post. Grace is not something that we do…it is something we give. We are humble as we share ourselves with others and even through tough times, we find a way to be kind to others. Even if your life has not always been kind to you. I never really thought much about grace until that day, even though we receive it when we are blessed by Him. We receive it through a smile, through a card, through a hug. Grace can be contagious when we feel it and it can carry you from dark and dreary to light and hopeful. We all have grace, but we have to show it in order for you to receive it in return. It becomes your calling card, what defines you, a treasured attribute that people admire and understand of what makes you YOU. Grace is you and me. Be graceful today…just not like me. LOL!

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