Weird day…totally has me perplexed

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I have posted previously about possible signs and what we need to remember when they come our way. The hard part is not recognizing the signs, but trying to figure out what they are trying to tell us. Even if we think we know what they are trying to tell us, how do we know we are doing what the sign intended us to do? Do we watch for another sign? I will get nothing done ever if I am constantly watching for something else to happen. You all know what I mean. Yesterday, I receive three nice emails from friends who just say, “Thanks for always making me smile”, “Keep it up”, and other nice little notes. Nothing was significant about yesterday in my book, but as much as I loved getting those little notes, I was surprised by them all coming on one day, before 10am even. Then, it got a little more weird. Someone else from work who I believe does not like me very much (ok, not at all so I have been told), stops to visit for 5 minutes and talks about a mutual friend. I think this woman does not like me enough to call 911 if I fell down next to her, but we had a nice little conversation. So, after she leaves, I start asking myself, “What is going on?” Later, I receive an email from a client – it merely says, “Hope your day is going better.” Yes, I am freaking out by now. (Side note – found out later that the client meant to send this note to his wife – LOL). Even putting that one aside, I mention it to a couple of other people (not the ones that sent the emails), and of course one asks for a new bathroom since she feels I have the “power” today. Sorry, still no magic 8-ball answer for you. I know I think too much and then over think what I have already think too much about. It is a cycle as being a product of teachers who wanted us to question. I am grateful for these little thanks from friends, and one person told me that because I am so positive and inspiring (her words, not mine), that these people are noticing and giving back what I give to them. Maybe that is what has me more perplexed than the other messages. We all find times when we question, but I still wonder if what I say or write here really makes that big of a difference. Maybe people like to read that they are not alone in their quest to find the answers…maybe they find humor in my little crazy traits that make me me. Maybe I will never have those answers, but I shake my head in disbelief sometimes because it is something that I may never fully figure out. Guess that is what makes it interesting. Have a wonderful weekend, wherever you are. Stay safe, warm, and may your smile bring much joy to all you meet.

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