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On my never-ending list of things to do, I have a few new things to start.  Not just things that I need to continue to do, but brand new things.  I am terrified and nervous.  But I have to allow myself to be a beginner.  I cannot expect (although, very difficult) to do this perfect and I will be my own worst critic, so you don’t have to be.

But in order for me to test my limits, I have to do things that challenge me and make me want to run.  Call it an adrenaline kick or whatever you want.  This excitement is what gets me amped up and ready for what comes next, whatever that means and whatever that looks like.  Too many times we allow the possibility of failure decide for us if we should go for it or not.  We allow what’s popular (check Twitter for what’s trending) to set up our next move.  There is a boat load of information about any subject we can imagine.  Some, we never could.  That is what makes life so intriguing and fascinating…the ability to imagine and put those thoughts into reality.  Technology allows us to do more than we ever thought possible.  I could not imagine writing this post free-hand and distributing it to all of you any other way that through the grace of the internet.

So, what am I trying for the first time?  Here it is…try not to be too disapproving yet.  I am still a work in progress.

So…there you have it. Me sitting in my office, trying to figure this out…just like the rest of you are.  May your Monday be marvelous and may you always run to those opportunities that challenge you most. I promise you…you will better for just having tried.

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