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Tonight, as my husband was flipping through the channels waiting for his beloved Pittsburgh Steelers to start their game, he found a show with Shania Twain where she was singing a song titled, “Today is your day”. Beautiful song. What I also found interesting is that her show was titled, “Why not?” — do you know why that spoke to me? My theme for this year is the same…”why not?” I was recently told about the “Trek up the Tower” which is done in February as a fundraiser where people run up a high-rise in downtown Omaha to benefit a non-profit organization. I have taken up being on the elliptical for the next three months or so (yes, they will be longest three months ever), but still want to challenge myself. Does something special have to happen for it to be “YOUR” day? I had so much fun surprising someone for her birthday as she didn’t expect it, but I loved to see her smile. But, today is your day. Today is my day. Nothing extraordinary needs to happen and no one needs to sing to you, but every day can be your day when you BLOOM. When you know you are where you are meant to be, without question and without regret. You feel it. You become swallowed by the very surroundings that others just see as there. It becomes who you are and you love every minute of it. One of the very first ideas that came to my head when I started this journey was “It starts today.” Today. I was quick to point out when it was someone else’s day but never took ownership of my chance at having a day for me. But I deserve today. I am a great friend, love my family, and work hard at making this world better. And because of that, today is my day.

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