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Last week in church, our pastor had mentioned this phrase in his sermon, but used it when his teenage children would leave the house, going out to spend time with friends. These four words really stuck with me last week and then I was reading one of my new books and saw it again. “Remember who you are.” Do you know who you are? Do we try to be something we are not, sometimes to please others? I think we all do at some time in our lives. However, the real issue is that if we say, “I don’t know who I am”, we are not being truthful. We all know who we are. We can identify our likes and dislikes, what brings us joy, what makes us sad. Maybe we are asking the wrong question (Who am I?) and need to be asking something more appropriate, like what do I do with me? What purpose do I need to fulfill? This is how we find our passion and start living our dream. So many times, we get stuck in the rut of living our daily lives that we forget about our future, what changes we can make in this world, and how what we say affects others around us. You have to be willing to ask the questions, even if the answers do not come right away. Keep asking the questions. There are people in over 21 different countries that have at one time read this blog and that humbles me beyond belief. I started this blog a year ago at the urging of some friends to allow them to see what I was writing because they wanted to be a part of it and share my journey with me. Never did I think that people all over the world would find what I write of interest, let alone that they would find this little snippet of my life. Our name identifies who we are on paper and so we can be identified when talking with people, but who we are comes from within. Ask yourself today, “Who am I?” and it will be the easiest test you take because you know the answers. Everyday, as you go about your daily tasks or pursue new adventures to satisfy a longing in your heart, remember who you are. If you forget, we will remind you. Have a wonderful weekend!

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