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How many of us have stood at doors that stand wide open and yet we are held back by some invisible force that prevents us from walking through that opening? I know I could hold my hand up, maybe in an embarrassed, hope nobody really sees it, kind of way.  You all know what I am talking about.  How many of us have an opportunity fall right into our lap and we walked around it, almost like it would be bad for us; the way we would avoid a skunk, poised with raised tail and everything.  Side note — I almost was sprayed yesterday morning on my walk…I approached what I thought was a kitty, but then saw the white stripe on the back and the tail go up.  Yes, I avoided that!  We all do it.  We all find a reason to make an excuse.  We all assume failure before we have even given it a chance to be successful.  The doors are there!  I was given some praise and thanked the other night by someone who I have (in some way) helped her to see that life is more.  I just showed her the door, but ultimately she chose to walk through it.  I was always afraid of all the possible bad things that could happen before I even really thought about anything good that might happen.  That lessons might be learned along the way…that I might make memories that I could never get again…that I could be better than I was.  Don’t you see them?  The ways that we can change our attitude towards what we see and what we don’t see can dictate everything that comes next.  When you believe that your day is going to be horrible and it is only 6am, guess what?  It will be!!!  You have commanded it to be and will make sure that you are successful at that.  How can you embrace what you have in front of you right now, that in such a way you will be better for having gone through it?  I can’t make you see the doors or require you to walk through them…you can only do that for yourself.  You have to choose.  Perspective is everything and that can change in a moments notice.  It’s ok to be wrong.  It’s ok to learn something.  It’s ok to not know it all.  Grow when you see that it can be different.  BLOOM!!

Michelle Homme 2012

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