One day too late

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I watched a movie today called ” To Save a Life” that talks about teen suicide as its main premise.  Now, I have never physically pushed someone out of the way of a runaway car and pulled anyone from a burning building.  We all have wished we could save someone, especially if we knew something had happened, whether it be from an accident or sickness.  About 6 and half years ago, one of the young men in my small group at church took his life.  He was 14.  He was not your typical kid who stood out as being the “weirdo” – he was athletic, smart, good-looking, had tons of friends, believed in God, and had a very bright future.  Unfortunately, he never got to live that future.  He wrote his own ending and in a very sad way.  When I got the news, I kept thinking it had been an accident.  But our pastor assured me that it was no accident.  I was one day too late.  We all were.  We just never knew it.  Hind sight is 20-20 and I wish I could go back to the day before I got the call, to check in with him.  You know, the Christmas before, he had given me a book mark that I use as an ornament for our family tree.  I had forgotten about it since it was stashed away with all of the other holiday decorations.  But, even years later, I never forget.  I read what is on it and ask myself, “Why didn’t I know that I would be one day too late?”  Because we never know, please, don’t ever assume that things don’t matter and that you will have another day to tell those people in your life that you absolutely cherish them.  If you know someone is hurting, then reach to them and don’t ever given up.  Regrets can be impossible to live with and you never want to be one day to late for those people you love.


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