No one can do it for me

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There is something to be said for this — “No one can do it for me” and it motivates me more, regardless of what “it” is. I have to do it. And I have to do it for me, not for anyone else.  The running I need to do every morning is not going to happen by itself, but it does need to get done.  Are you sitting around, waiting for your life to get better and change, hoping some magical genie appears to help all your wishes come true (ok, so the genie only grants you three)?  WHY?  I read a quote the other day that read something like, “You know how hard it is to change your life so why do you waste time trying to change someone else’s life?”  One of the questions I had asked myself a year or so ago made me realize that I can’t change anyone else, even if I want them to and it is for the better.  They have to WANT to change.  They have to do the WORK to change.  It doesn’t happen over night — it is always a work in progress.  Running every morning (or as much as possible) has never felt like work, but the truth is that it is.  It takes dedication and committment to get up at 4:30am most mornings and walk/jog about 5 miles every day.  But this does not only apply to exercise…I have to apply it everywhere it my life.  I have to try harder when it comes to negative thoughts and doubting questions.  No one else will do that for me.  I have to do it.  I have to step away, when left with no other choice and when making that decision with my heart, I know it is the right one for me.  But not one of you can make that decision to stay in it or quickly depart except me.  No one.  Pursuing my dream is something that I might need some occasional guidance on from time to time, but it doesn’t mean as much to you as it does to me.  And that is how you stay motivated…what means the most to you will challenge you to see what you are willing to do to achieve what you desire most.  Quit dallying around and get there!!  Because I am not going to do it for you and you can’t do it for me!

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