Never understand the mystery

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There are some things that you and I are not meant to understand.  Whatever “it” is, “it” is bigger than our minds can make sense of in any lifetime.  Yet, we still are drawn to the unexplained and unable to be understood that we encounter every day.  Since I believe that things happen for a reason and that there are signs everywhere, I was surprised the other day when an email came to me with an invitation of an object, but not just any object…but of something that is in my office and has been there for years.  Then, I write about that same object a few weeks ago and then the email comes…as I shared these “coincidences” with a few people, they start to pick up on the possible correlation between them all just as I did.  Why do some people come into our lives, but don’t remain?  Why do others we wish would never leave, do?  Why must pain and heartache affect the best of people and others never suffer?  I ask a lot of questions and although I know I will never get an answer that will completely answer my questions, I still ask them.  The mystery behind why things happen the way they do and then what sort of planning must be done to have the next day already set up to play out they way it was intended is so grand, that no one could imagine the magnitude of it all.  You call it whatever you want.  There is a plan for each of us and we may never know or understand its purpose for us, but we have to trust that it is there as it is meant to be.  Nothing is a fluke…everything has a reason.  Sometimes the reason someone may come into your life momentarily is to help give you a lift up to where you need to be — but once you are there, you don’t need them as much.  You will always need them, but just in different ways.  As much as we question and wonder and can make no sense of it, just accept that part of life is the unknown and your part in other people’s lives.  Maybe you are the mystery and others may never understand why you came into their lives…but they will be grateful for it and appreciate the role you play in it, regardless of the frequency.  And there will never be an answer that will fully explain that.

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