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It is so easy and I love to see the reaction on people’s face. You know they will be talking about it after you drive away. I was given a gift card for a local coffee place and used it yesterday and then left the card with the employee to be used for someone else. There was enough on that card for me to get my drink and pay for someone else’s as well. He told me the balance on the card and I told him to keep it and the next person who came through, to use the card for them. Their coffee or whatever was on me. He looked at me as if I had said something crazy. I had the most fun doing that and not knowing whose day I had just made. It made me laugh and smile all the way to work. Even sending someone you don’t talk to all of the time or thanking them for meeting you for lunch can make someone smile. I LOVE TO DO THAT! I got Rocky’s attention yesterday when I used her full name in an email and last week sent my mom a card in the mail. Doing little acts of kindness brings so much joy to the recipient, but so much MORE to the giver. It is even better when you do it anonymously. Have you ever done that and watched other people’s reaction? It is like a foreign concept because that is not what most people do. Absolutely priceless. Try it – you will feel wonderful and when we give freely, truly without any strings attached, it will be something you want again and again. Trust me.

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