Why loving what you do is so important to living inspired

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How many of us have ever had a job we just didn’t like very much?

Probably all of us can think of a job that had some responsibilities that we dreaded doing…maybe it was someone we worked with or just something that we needed to do as a part of the job itself.

My first job was in a fast food restaurant and because I helped close the restaurant (when 10pm was considered late) was to wash the dishes. After making tons of food throughout my shift, the last thing I wanted to do was to touch something else that was covered in more food. Yuck. Double yuck.

Little did I know that this was nothing compared to the messes I would clean up for the toughest, most exhausting, and yet incredibly fulfilling job I would ever know…

The job of being a mom.

Since we agree that every job has an element in it that we would prefer not to have to do, I wanted to share a few words about why doing what you love matters so much.

We are happier.

We are more fulfilled.

We are more creative.

We are more positive.

We are excited about the smallest of things.

We are listening to our hearts.

We feel successful.

We become more confident.

We are willing to learn more.

We make an impact on others’ lives.

Find joy in what we do with the majority of our days for the majority of our years is necessary to living inspired. I creates a foundation on which all great things manifest from as the environment and culture fit to the people within it, instead of the other way around.

The people are what I have always loved most about every place I have worked. Although there are a small number of people who I have worked with that just weren’t people I would choose to associate with outside of work, it made me appreciate the ones that were members of my “tribe” even more. If they were on vacation, I would miss them and be excited to hear all about their trip as well as love sharing that experience with them through their pictures. If they were ill or something bad happened to one of their loved ones, I would do my best to comfort them and be their friend. In those times when a coworker was grieving for a lost loved one, we are no longer connected as an employee and boss or casual working acquaintances — in the giving of those kind and gentle words and sharing a gesture of caring and love, we connect as human beings.

So today, I thought I would share a few pictures with you showing you a little of what I have done the last few days as these moments, once again, remind me of why I love what I do.


They you can tell a lot about a girl by her shoes... (and maybe her socks too)
They you can tell a lot about a girl by her shoes… (and maybe her socks too)


How I dress for work on some days...
How I dress for work on some days…

So if you were to ask me why I love what I do…here are my answers (especially this week and in no particular order).

  • I can wear neat clothes like a cape and Wonder Woman shoes and socks
  • I can allow my heart to inspire others through the words I write and the words I speak
  • I can make someone feel special because I took the time to listen
  • I can see the smile on a little girl’s face and know she is excited to see me
  • I can comfort someone else who might be afraid
  • I can give some direction when they are unsure of where to go next
  • I can see different perspectives about the same situation
  • I can be funny and laugh
  • I can be a role model for others

Even after a really great moment has passed, I can store that memory and in some cases, it sticks with me, changing me in ways I never imagined.

But probably my favorite thing that I love about what I do is that I get to be me. Just me. Simple, lovable me.

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