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Have you ever wondered if what you do matters? If something you said or did made an impact on someone else, even though you may have thought what you said or did seemed insignificant to you? Maybe because you think it is small or silly, you think it doesn’t matter that much to someone else. Or that it can’t matter THAT much to someone else. Or that you cannot matter that much to someone else. I must ask myself that question at least once a day, sometimes more than once. This week, I gave someone from work a big hug, who did not expect it. I told her that smiles, compliments, and hugs are free – therefore, everyone can afford them. I think she was surprised by my willingness to give of myself to her, even for a brief moment. Sometimes, I question if what I do matters. If what I said matters. I do not usually question if I matter, but have been reminded over the last couple of months that I matter to a lot of people. People that I did not realize I mattered to nor did I realize how much I mattered to them. Why do we doubt that we are valuable and question our own worth? And then it happens, sometimes without warning from unexpected places. We get validated. We get a message from someone or through something that it matters. Today, I was reminded of that when a young man came to my office just to visit. He has chosen to stop by for a few minutes every week for the last couple of months prior to attending a class where I work. It is always great to see him and the smile that he always brings with him. Someone today told me that because I am a “nurturer”, it is hard for me to receive as I am better at giving. That is so true. Say what you need to say because it matters. Do what you have to do because it matters. Feel what you feel because it matters. Believe what you believe because it matters. Laugh when you hear something funny because it matters. You matter. I matter. You are here for a reason, not by chance. Even hardship and pain in our lives matter because they are meant to teach us something. Yes, even those things we would never wish on anyone are there for a purpose. Sometimes, those little things mean the most to those we care about or complete strangers. I love to say, “Good morning” or “Hi” to people just walking by, regardless of where I am. In fact, Rock and I say it to everyone we pass when we are out at 5am. We even know some of them by name! LOL! I try to do something everyday, without recognition or fanfare, to make someone else’s job easier or to make them smile. Some of them will never know it, but I know it and so does He. That is all that matters to me. It is never, ever too late or too small to show the world what matters. It matters!

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