Is it enough?

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I was wondering about this today. Is it enough? Should I do more? Could I do more? I know I second guess some things, but not all things. I don’t think it is enough. It can’t be enough. Can it? Do I devote enough time to my husband? Is my house clean enough? Should I spend more time with family I never see? Will missing a lunch with a friend be that one lunch that something pivotal was supposed to happen? Is there enough money set aside for retirement? (I know the answer we would all say to this one…NO!) Have I lost enough weight? Do I have enough words for my speech? Have I given enough? Who says if it is enough? Does the level of “enough” change? Who determines that? I think I am capable of giving more…of doing more…of loving more…of living more. I have to always reach for more, don’t you? It’s never enough. It can’t be enough. Then, there are times when I think I have given MORE than enough. But, most of the time, I think of more things I could do, think, see, love, live. I don’t want to have regrets about any of it, so I strive to make sure that it is enough. Did I give my family enough? Did I laugh enough? Did I write enough? Are my hugs and smiles enough? Did I give enough? Have I given my friends enough well wishes, birthday cards, and enough of me? I have to believe that whatever I bring to the table on that day was enough. We only know it wasn’t enough when the chances to question it are no longer there. Live your life in everything that you do, say, feel, believe, and love so that you never have to wonder…is it enough?

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