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Ok. So I am not even sure where to start. I was asked several people how I did last night with my speech and me being me, I probably downplayed it more than I should have, but that is me. Because of those wonderful people in my life, called friends, I receive phone calls and texts telling me that I did great and that they really enjoyed what I had to say, etc. Very, very humbling. Last night, I woke up about 1:15am and noticed an email from a reader of this blog (S) and I could not stop thinking about what she said in the email as she called my life “amazing”. I would have no problem describing my life using other words, but “amazing” would not have been one of them. Interesting, S. Thanks. Then, I get a nice email regarding another door that I have knocked on before about an opportunity, and I may have another speaking opportunity in January. YAY! Here is the topper…one of my friends tells me that her daughter posted on her Facebook a status that includes part of what I said last night in my speech. Here is was thinking no one was paying attention!! Then, about 15 of her friends “liked” it!!! OMG!! It has been a great day. With just one of these, it would have been awesome, but all together, plus my husband came home from a work trip and I got to see Rocky. As I continue to ride this rollercoaster today, I can only say one thing…here goes!

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