Going on a treasure hunt!

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Who wants to come with me?

How many of us find excitement and intrigue with this question?  Does anyone really ever say, “No, I think I will pass.”  Probably not.  How many of you got super enthusiastic when I invited you to come with me?  Not even knowing any details about when, where, how long, or the biggest question…what’s the treasure.  And that it itself is fascinating.  Do you know why?  Because the answers to those questions were irrelevant.  At that mattered is the adventure and the journey you would take to find something great at the end.  But the excitement always begins with a story…

The excitement always gets us…all of us

The movie, “National Treasure” is exciting, full of history, and allows some things to be explained that otherwise would not make sense.  The first time I watched it, I was hoping that there would be a treasure, but I wasn’t captivated with that needing to happen to keep me entertained.  What are pirates excited about leaving a port to head out — they seek treasure.  To most people, treasure must be gold, jewels, or something that you hold in your hand that is valuable.  Who doesn’t feel the adrenalin during family scavenger hunts that take place all over “small-town”Iowa?  (Guilty.)  But think about this…do we get excited about the hunt or the treasure?  Wouldn’t it be great if “X” really did mark the spot?

treasure map

Isn’t life like a treasure hunt?

Do we feel the same rush when we talk about life as when we talk about going on a treasure hunt?  Why not?  Isn’t it essentially the same thing?  You may be asking yourself, what the treasure I am searching for in life, and I will tell you that it is not something that you can hold in your hold, is not shiny, but is more valuable that you even realize.  Someone told me once that I should “embrace the journey” and at the time, I did not know what that meant.  Up til then, I had wandered aimlessly inside, when I looked really put together on the outside.  I didn’t even know I was wandering.  I wasn’t excited about life…about this opportunity that had been given to me…and I know I took it for granted.  And then one day, I woke up.  I decided to live my life in a completely different direction.  Even today, I told myself that I have missed too much already and I just don’t want to miss anymore.  It was a simple statement but it keeps me focused on what I am doing with my life.  And the quest I am on.

Have we forgotten to be excited about life?

There is adventure out there — we just have to be willing to look for it!  Too many times, I think we have this belief that the adventure will come to us and we do not need to seek it.  Sometimes, that is true.  But we must also be active participants in life in order for it to mean something, even if just to ourselves.  When was the last time you got really, super excited about something?  Not the “I am a little bit excited.” The “I want to skip down the street and I don’t care who sees me” kind of excited.  Where you have to call someone, but you are not even sure who to call, and you almost have to pinch yourself because you don’t even believe what just happened, and when you finally do talk to someone, you are just so excited that you can hardly get your words out (they sound like words to you, but to the other person, they are only understanding about every other syllable), and you can hardly inhale the air just to tell what happened?   Ever had this happen to you?  Tell me more!  I get excited watching other people live fully.  The other day, in broad day light, I watched this guy walking and singing as loud as he could with his hands helping prove what he was feeling too and I just drive away with a smile on my face.  Here was a guy who was exploring life, anyway and every way he could.

Many of you will sit there, read this, and move on.  Nothing will change.  But I implore you to get excited about life and let that thrill rush through you and to seek that treasure.  What treasure?  I didn’t forget about the “much sought-after treasure”, but each of us has our own treasure we seek.  It will look different to each of us, but I think most of us would agree that the best treasure is the one that has a life well lived behind it.  When someone dies, do the people who know the deceased ever say, “He died doing what he hated” or “She hated was she was doing when she passed away.”  NO!!!!  Why not?  Because those people were inquisitive about life and were determined to get all they could out of the ONE life they were given.  They were not going to let it pass them by.

You would go with me if I told you about the treasure…

…but I don’t know your treasure.  I don’t know where your adventure takes you.  I am not even sure where mine is taking me.  I know not only what my treasure looks like, but I know what it feels like.  And who wouldn’t want to keep doing what they love?  To give everything to have?  To be excited about living?

In this life, we find pieces of our treasure as we seek what feeds our soul and replenishes our hearts.  May you always keep that joy and have the courage to share it with others.  The thrill of what’s around the next hill will motivate you to keep moving forward.  Feeling blessed and filled with hope will take you further than you think it will, because you will have not just believed in the magic of the hunt, but you will have lived the adventure for real.  And what an awesome story that will be.

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