Ever felt guilty?

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Chances are we all have.  Every, single one of us.  Maybe we don’t care to admit it, but we know.  We all know. Why do we feel guilty?  Because we feel like we have let someone down or done something wrong.  Guilt is self-imposed.

It goes a little like this,

“I feel guilty because I lost my temper with my young son tonight…all he wanted was for me to read him a book.”

“I feel guilty because I dropped an easy fly ball and the other team won the game.”

“I feel guilty that I didn’t call my friend to wish him a happy birthday.”

” I feel guilty because I slept in instead of go to the gym.”

Fill in whatever makes you feel guilty here. ___________________________________________________________________________.

But aren’t we all doing the best we can?  Trying to be every thing to everyone all of time is exhausting.  Even for those of us that never seem to sleep, seem to be lost in our own worlds, and gasping for air as quickly as we swallow it?

Guilt can stay with you and haunt you forever until you forgive…forgive yourself.

Here is my latest video blog on just this subject…maybe you can relate.  I bet you can.

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