Chances not taken

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How many chances are we given that are never taken?  TOO MANY!!!  WHY??? Because it is easier!!  Easier to not risk something we could lose.  Our adopted and ingrained pessimistic attitudes carry us no where but down.  Always.  The chances we take do not have to be anything that will be earth-shattering, but something that is new for us.  For me, it is little things like going to a “bling” party and inviting someone new to lunch.  I have to keep moving forward and take every chance that comes my way.  I have to give my heart away and hope someday, I receive one in return.  Chances are moments that come once in a while to see what we are made of and what we are willing to do when we have a choice to pick one thing over another.  Have you taken any chances lately?  Even asking for and granting forgiveness are taking chances.  When we think more about others and less about ourselves, we put ourselves out there and know that we might have made someone’s day.  “We don’t always get what we want, but we always get what we need.”  Those chances are there for YOU — and no one else and make you have to see what you have inside…are you going to cave and take the easy route or are you going to risk something that you might fail doing.  I hate to fail…but I have also learned to forgive myself when I do.  Sometimes, chances come when we are not sure if we should keep holding on because we are afraid to let go and others come when letting go actually makes the ties stronger.  It is difficult to know which to choose and sometimes those choices are made for us and accepting them becomes our only obstacle.  Living with regrets hurts more and lasts longer than and failure, humility, or pride will ever scar our lives.  Be happy and take chances…just like in the Monopoly Game® — what good is having a “Chance” card if you never use it???  Here is to taking chances!

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