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Since 2010, I have been writing my thoughts down. Some have been made them onto these pages. Perhaps you will find a little piece of you in them too.

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4 Things That Matter Most in Life

There are many things life teaches us. Some of those lessons come without warning while others become blessings all in their own time. Sometimes, we are the teachers and other times, we are the students.  As we continue to move through life, there are 4 things I have come to

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The Magic Found in Beginning Again

No matter who we are, we have all experiences things that ended. Some times, those were not decisions we made and other times, we knew it was a decision long overdue. We realize that when one thing is over, another must start.  Things look differently. They feel different too. We

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Finding Calm and Peace in Simple Moments

Much of life remains the same. The birds sing every morning and the flowers bloom with the rise of each sunrise. With the blue sky and white clouds softly drifting above me, I find peace in the simple things life has given me. I have come to a place of

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Second Chances: Why we all need them in life

Lately, I have been thinking about the significance of trying again. When the benefit of the doubt is long gone and new information influences how we feel about something or someone. How do we learn to move past the experiences that hurt us? How do we allow someone new in?

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When Life Breaks You…

Life isn’t always easy. It comes at you before you even know what happened. In over a year, my heart has been broken, tossed aside, and made me feel things I was afraid to admit. Perhaps you have been there as well. 2020 was a hard year. Yet, in some

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What Makes Life What it is? These 10 Guarantees

Life can be confusing Let’s face it…life has it’s moments. Some are easy to see while others seem to just show up out of nowhere. There are going to be times when we wish for a “mulligan” and others times we want to distance ourselves as much as we can.

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The 4 Ways We Cheat The World Every Day

We are all cheaters Next to liars, I dislike cheaters just the same. If someone called me a cheater, I would adamantly refute that accusation. In fact, I would be angry. Chances are you would be too. Deep down, I know I cheat. So do you. Like you, I don’t

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The Truth about Happiness: 8 Rules to Follow

Finding happiness We run around every day, searching for that one truth. The ONE thing that constantly eludes us. We buy this and that, hoping it will bring immediate gratification. And when it doesn’t happen, we buy more and more only to be disappointed once again. So the truth becomes

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