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Since 2010, I have been writing my thoughts down. Some have been made them onto these pages. Perhaps you will find a little piece of you in them too.

What Are You Seeking To Learn More About?

The connection you are all afraid to make

The connection We have this yearning to connect, not just with the people around us, but with our true self. It is one thing to relate to someone else. Something different when we unite with another person. Finding our answers in the story heard. As humans, it is something most

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It’s Important to Trust What You Feel

Head vs. Heart For most of us, we suffer through a never ending dilemma. Over a lifetime, we battle between the two. In some instances, our head knows best. While in others, our heart wins. How do we know which one is right? Have we trusted logic instead of intuition?

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The 5 Best Reasons to Be Lost in Life

Being lost is a bad thing, right? As kids, once of the worst feelings ever is being lost. When we are young, we step away from our parents for just a second. Our world comes crashing down as we yell, “MOM!” and every one stares at us. Relief only comes

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The simple reason we need more joy

Where is the joy? Most people do not have joy in their lives. A few years ago, I ran into an old acquaintance. We hadn’t seen each other for some time and I casually asked her what she had “been up to.” Her reply surprised me with its honesty. Without

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The most amazing story never shared

For centuries, we have loved stories. They have transcended through time for as long as we can remember. When we were little, we read lots of stories. Do you remember Dick and Jane? Or maybe where Margaret talked to God? How about the mysteries Nancy Drew seemed to find? I

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A world this cruel still is made up of kindness

We live in a cruel world There are things we become aware of that are not pretty. Some are too horrible to mention. Things we could never imagine are very real for others. Surrounded by negativity. hatred, and anger, it is easy to see why we struggle. Cancer strikes the

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In life, love wins every time

Life will show us tough moments Life doesn’t play by the rules. It isn’t fair. For example: When a woman becomes a mother and a widow on the same day. When a 22 year old women is killed in a car accident the day she graduates from college. When illness

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Show Up On The Days You Dont Feel Like It

Some days we just don’t have it As some who spends her days writing to inspire and to influence people just like you to live more inspired, I have a small confession to make. One that might make you shake your head as you quietly say, “I knew it. She’s

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Why we should forget the plan and see what happens

I have a confession to make. One most of you will relate to or understand. For the majority of my life, I was a planner. BIG time planner. I would self-diagnose myself as an obsessive compulsive planner. 25 years ago, we didn’t have smart phones and apps with reminders and

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