Here’s my story…

Since 2010, I have been writing my thoughts down. Some have been made them onto these pages. Perhaps you will find a little piece of you in them too.

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Too much?

Have you ever wondered after you said something to someone if you said too much? Not that you would take anything back or that you said the wrong thing, but just too much? Sometimes, I think that after I have said something that is me…laying it all out there…no walls…and

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A Brand New Day

As I start this morning, sitting in the office at my house, watching the sun peak as it glides above the houses and reflects its glow off of simple suburban objects, I have hope. Today is a brand new day. Yesterday carries many memories for me as do all my

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The confirmation continues…

Oh My Golly!!! (OMG!!!) Where to begin?? Today was a spectacular day. An even though little things from a variety of people happened and made their presence known, I treasured each one. Of course, it started with my morning ritual with Rock. Once she called these “meetings” and they seem

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I refuse

I refuse. This is the name of a new favorite song and I need to be reminded of what I won’t do from time to time. For example, I refuse to give away my power. Allowing someone else’s comments, mood, or actions should not dictate what happens to me for

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The strength of a smile

Every day, I put on something that makes me smile. It forces me to, even if I don’t feel like it. It is a reminder of what kind of day I am going to have…a GREAT one!! However, regardless of whether I am having a great day or not, this

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Hope is a wonderful thing and what keeps us going when we feel like there is nothing ever to look forward to in our future. Do you have hope? Do you believe in hope? If you have no hope, then you will forever be stuck. Hope is defined as, “the

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One voice

Can one voice make people listen? Can one thought inspire more thoughts? Can one dream create more dreams? I believe the answer to these questions is “YES!” Those questions were easy…this one is harder. Do you believe that you are that one voice, have that one thought, or have that

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When random isn’t random

I don’t believe that things happen just because or that there is no connection between events, people, etc. However, yesterday it came to me about something else – I found a connection (although it may seem silly) between two sayings that I have said over and over in this blog

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Your “BEST” self

This has come up in recent conversations in the morning when Rocky and I are out and it got me thinking. Why are we afraid to show the world our “best” self? Why is putting up walls and protecting more of our focus? Shouldn’t we be willing to live our

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