Here’s my story…

Since 2010, I have been writing my thoughts down. Some have been made them onto these pages. Perhaps you will find a little piece of you in them too.

What Are You Seeking To Learn More About?

Here we go!!!!

Can you yell, “WHEEEEEEEEE!”? Yes, I know I need to tell you more. Ok. Sorry….just trying to catch my breath and hope my thoughts and typing skills can keep up. Today, I took a BIG chance in pursuing my dream of being a motivational speaker for teenagers. This is one

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What we stumble through…

How many times have you done that? Stumbled your clumsy way through something, hoping and praying it would be over and your biggest worry is that you hope no one sees you? Here is the little secret…we all stumble. We all lose our balance and are just doing everything we

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What are you capable of?

Seriously? Yes, it is early and I am on a roll already. Although this comment was made to me in a different context this morning, it sent me here. Again. I pose these questions not just for my benefit but really to get you think…to ignite the light…to really question

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Who doesn’t need this from time to time? I needed that today. I am unsure if I can even pinpoint big enough grounds for my desire to have it. For whatever reason, I am not even sure that I got it. Reassurance can mean so many things and be given

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New doors

New doors keep opening and showing themselves to me. Doors I wasn’t looking for anyway. But new ideas and perspectives are showing themselves in places I have never looked and from people I never expected. Sometimes, I seriously need to just take a look around because I feel like I

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Through rose-colored glasses

As Rocky and I finished our normal routine this morning and crested the hill near her house, we turned our gaze to the east and were met with a beautiful display of a red-tinted sky just as the sun was about to clear the horizon. That is true beauty. On

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So simple…

Wow….I am not even so sure my hands can type as fast as my mind is going right now. If you could see me, I would be holding my hands up high above my head (like what you do on a rollercoaster) right now. Rocky and I do that all

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What God gave me…

Today at work, I was kidding around with a co-worker and she told me that it was a good thing God gave me patience. My reply was, “God gave me lots of things, but it is my choice as to when I use them.” Then, I started thinking…Rocky tells me

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Are you numb?

Three in one day has to be a record. This thought came to me as I shared my passion with a co-worker today. I was reminded of what life can feel like when we are not really living — you become numb to the world. You remove yourself from feeling

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