Here’s my story…

Since 2010, I have been writing my thoughts down. Some have been made them onto these pages. Perhaps you will find a little piece of you in them too.

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Let me choose

I used to be very good at choosing for others. My track record was long and not really something to boast about, but I felt that it was the only way. I had conditioned myself to live my life in that fashion. I chose when people came into and out

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Holding back

It was shared recently that I used to hold back when something upset me, but now I share my true feelings. Sometimes those true feelings get me into trouble but at least I am being honest and say what I need to say when I need to say it. But,

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How many of us like looking at ourselves in the mirror? Not me. I would gladly look at my insides in a mirror – I like what I see there. I have a giving heart and love deeply. I sacrifice so that others can receive. If I had to describe

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More than I thought I could be

I keep pushing myself further. I have to. Not to please others or to accomplish some great feat. More for personal satisfaction. I have to. Every day, I become more than I thought I could be. Today, I didn’t argue or give someone attitude even though we were doing something

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Impossible to fake

Have you ever seen it? Have you felt it? I am talking about true inspiration – when it moves you to tears, laughter, and everything in between. That is something that cannot be faked – ever. In a couple of weeks, I have to inspire a group of 400 people

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It just is

I ask a lot of questions. A lot. I think even more. Yes, I have been known to over think. There have been times when I have questioned this whole thing…what it was…why it was here…how am I supposed to do anything with it…and so on. I have questioned my

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When life changes you

We get comfortable in our lives and settle into what we know. We like familiarity and being close to home. We are sailing smoothly and just riding the water, with no real danger or obstacle in our way. That does not usually last for long. But life changes, and therefore,

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How do you keep from being discouraged?

I think I am in the middle of a big test right now. Lots of things are coming my way, all at once and I am handling them. But don’t you ever notice that it always seems that way? I know things happen in three’s, so I guess when one

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Wake up call!

So, I am driving home for lunch for a few minutes ago and have a green light and am slowly making my way across the intersection and out of no where comes this little black SUV going about 45 mph across the same intersection. She never braked or slowed down or

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