Here’s my story…

Since 2010, I have been writing my thoughts down. Some have been made them onto these pages. Perhaps you will find a little piece of you in them too.

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Have courage

Find it deep within you, to do something or say something that is difficult…even if it is just difficult for you. If it is something you don’t normally do, like sing in front of family for a game you are playing. Yes, I did that this weekend and even though

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The marathon of life

I am not sure that I can call myself a “runner”, but I do love to run. I love the freedom it brings me and the way I can start my day with very little effort. And I am grateful every day that I decided to join the race of

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This word is mentioned in one of my favorite songs and I first heard it when I attended “Wicked” over the summer. I shared it with Rock and she loves it too. How many times do we let self-imposed or outer influences decide for us where our limits should be?

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For a graduation gift, I gave someone a book that inspires her to “Live Happy” because I know she might have chosen to forget that after someone she cared about was taken from her life. I get it. But living happy does not come easy, especially when we are stuck

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Rule your world

I was recently given a book to read, but do not really have time to read it. But. I took some time today on our drive back home for the holiday weekend and was intrigued by the message as well as the title. I kept coming across sentences or ideas

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You help…without question

Yesterday, as our family was driving to my in-laws, someone texted me asking for help. Not really thinking that I could or really understanding why she picked me, I did the best I could with helping her. I hope I did. She said I did and have no regrets about

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Dreams come after the nightmare

When do we see our dreams? After we have had something terrifying happen. Do you ever go to sleep at night, thinking great thoughts, just resting as you slowly drift off to slumber? And then without warning, PUMA! You are trapped in some crazy dream that may include a mouthful

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Where I live

This is something that has been repeatedly coming to me over the last couple of days…remember where I live. Perhaps it is because of something that I have to tell myself when I question it all. When I doubt. When I wonder. When I am hurt. So here is what

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Happy Thanksgiving

Through all of my 43 years, I have been blessed. Even when I did not believe it or want to see it. Even when I dismissed it as not something I deserved. Yet, despite of it all, I am blessed. Words have been said recently that have hurt me and

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