Here’s my story…

Since 2010, I have been writing my thoughts down. Some have been made them onto these pages. Perhaps you will find a little piece of you in them too.

What Are You Seeking To Learn More About?

The G.I.F.T. 11-29-11

Hello, everyone…here is the summary from last month’s meeting… “I give to life exactly what I want life to give to me.” Has anyone done anything different since we last met? Have you asked and answered yourself any of the questions? I shared with the group about my first big

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It’s who you are

No questions. Ever. It’s who you are. I used to wonder who I was…I mean, really. I knew where I came from and what let me to my todays and never really looked that far into the future. Even when people told me who I was, I am not sure

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The Right Track

“Even if you are on the right track, you will get run over if you just sit there.” – Dr. Wayne Dyer. Let’s assume for just a moment that you are on the right track. You know where you are headed and seem to have it all figured out. But,

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Do you believe in destiny? In fate? Why? Why not? Do you believe that your destiny has led you to where you are, right at this moment? I believe I have lived and continue to live the life I was destined to live. There have been many times that if

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Never know how far

Do you know? No, no one really knows how far they can go until they get there. And even then, that doesn’t mean that that is the farthest you can go, does it? I don’t think it does. I think we can always do more, even if we never make it

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The Jolt

You know what I’m talking about? When you get that little knock upside the head that kind of gets your attention? Sometimes it even blind sides you? Where you just need to focus more on something else that what you have been focusing on? I got that last week. it

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Bless the day

I was thinking about this yesterday morning as I was on the elliptical at 5am, and I needed to remember to write everything that needed to go along with it. Bless the day with your grace as your unselfishness becomes your goal. Bless the day with your smile as it

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Some people don’t have it and want it and others have it and share it. Where does it come from? Why do some people have more than others? How do you get more? Confidence is described as having the “belief in oneself and one’s powers or abilities”. There are times

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That thing you do

Nothing makes me happier than watching people do their thing. I love to watch my husband coach baseball. He loves it and he BLOOMS when he does it –for those of you that know him, please do not tell I said that. He doesn’t read this so I know I

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