Here’s my story…

Since 2010, I have been writing my thoughts down. Some have been made them onto these pages. Perhaps you will find a little piece of you in them too.

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The Second Act

I have started looking at my life in two parts…just like a play. The first part was mostly the set up, with descriptions, background information, and certain players that may or may not stay important to come back for the Second Act. I started the Second Act about two years

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Here we go!

Just like on a rollercoaster as you quietly wish you could change your mind, but also know that there is no turning back. Today, something exciting came to me. I shared it with a few people and actually found words that will accompany it as well. Yes, you will have

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Out the window

I know I think I have this all figured out. Truth is…I don’t and all of my best thought out plans have been thrown out the window. Instead, I am throwing my hands up and riding this rollercoaster. Yesterday, I emailed my story for a possible submission onto a blog

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Back to the basics

Time to get back to the basics and really hone in on what is important, what isn’t, and where I am going. Sometimes we try to pretty things up and make it more than it really is and should be. I found a new book today that’s centered about a

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More afraid of not…

I was watching a movie over the holiday weekend and heard a phrase similar to this one and it struck me as something that I needed to explore more. I used to live with fear and being afraid of living for a very long time. It always appeared to me

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Merry Christmas

May today bring you joy and happiness as you celebrate with family and friends.  Look forward to all that 2012 can bring to you as you continue to grow and follow your heart. Michelle Homme 2011 ©

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Past the point of no return

Have you ever taken such a big chance that you cannot go back to where you once were? To know that to do so would not be in your best interest, but would actually make you worse off in the long run? Taking chances can be scary and I remember

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I was thinking that if you give an apology and you are unsure if it has been accepted, can you accept the apology you must give yourself? Can you move forward without knowing if the apology given has been accepted before you can accept the apology you must give yourself? If

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Love is…

Love is deep…Love is forgiveness…Love is holding on…Love is being there…Love is not keeping score…Love is honest…Love is saying what you need to say…Love is no regrets…Love is letting go of the past…Love is a smile…Love is faith…Love is acceptance…Love is trust…Love is a hug…Love is A & E…Love is

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