Here’s my story…

Since 2010, I have been writing my thoughts down. Some have been made them onto these pages. Perhaps you will find a little piece of you in them too.

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Love is more…

They say that, “Blood is thicker than water” and it is meant to remind people who are related through blood then nothing is stronger than that.  I believe that love trumps blood.  You don’t have to be family to love and in some families, there is no love.  But when love

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Words said…

Do we ever stop and think before we speak?  Recently, words were admittingly said with the intention of being hurtful to me.  Similar words were said a couple of months ago, and as much as the sting hurt at that moment, I also chose to dismiss those words just as quickly

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A little nudging

We all need a little nudging every once in a while.  Sometimes the nudging comes in the form of ways that we would not consider “nudging”, but more like a “push” or a big “shove”.  I remember a time when I was probably shoved to do something against my will

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Never any mistakes

I had a conversation today with someone who is grieving the loss of someone she cared for very much and believes now that the relationship is over.  As unfortunate as the circumstances are that befell this situation, the only thing that are left are the memories.  Those memories are going to

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Trusting our destiny

“Knowing” is the title of a Nicholas Cage movie and the thought of knowing came up again last night as I was watching another movie.  What if there was a pre-set plan for you and if you were told what that plan was before it actually happened?  What would you

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Endless ripple effect

Everything we do and everything we say affects something else.  Even those things we could never imagine.  I am reminded of how Rocky and I met on an every other normal day in February in 201o and to where we are now.  My saying, “Have a great day!” or “Hi!” as

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Your whole heart

What do you love?  Really LOVE???  Don’t just give something 50% or 75% — you have to give it 100%.  Why would you choose to try only half of the time?  Or three-quarters of the time?  You wouldn’t.  But if you love something, you have to love it with your

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Full life

“In order for you to have a full life, you have to do what scares you.”  I heard this and was reminded of what is written in my life statement.  I had not lived a full life, until two years ago.  I had been living, but afraid every moment.  I was

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The sun never stops shining

Yesterday, we woke up to a nice little dusting of snow on the ground with the temperature in the 20’s as I went for a run at 5am.  Yes, I have already been told I am crazy.  Believe it or not, I wasn’t cold.  Levels of crazy come with added

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