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Since 2010, I have been writing my thoughts down. Some have been made them onto these pages. Perhaps you will find a little piece of you in them too.

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“X” marks the spot

The other morning as I was walking my last 100 yards or so, I looked up and saw where the plumes from two airplanes had crossed and made an “X” in the sky.  And because silly, random things like that get me thinking, you should not be surprised by this. 

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Make a difference

We just never know when something we say or do is going to be that pivotal moment in someone’s life that changes it forever.  But you have to believe that in order to know that what we say and do can make a difference.  I held on to MB as

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Fight the good fight

Some fights aren’t worth it.  You know it and I know it.  They drain your energy and become a waste of time.  Then, there are those other fights.  The ones that are ALWAYS worth it, regardless of the energy and time it takes.  And the best part is that you begin

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Bring your “A” game

We tell our boys that whenever they are doing something and they need to do their best, that they need to bring their “A” game.  Yes, we want them to excel and give 100% at whatever they are doing.  But do we do that in our own lives?  Probably not

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What others would say about you…

 We all probably cared about what others think about us, to some degree.  But it takes a strong person to dismiss those opinions as being more important of the only one that really matters – your own.  People get jealous of others because they are something else that those people

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What a beautiful day

Today has been awesome.  The windows are open with a slight breeze, and the sun is warm and inviting me to take part in the next ritual that comes with spring, and I found peace.  Not just any kind of peace, but the kind that comes from truly staying committed

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Stand a little taller today

There are moments in our life when we are proud to be who we are and carry ourselves a little differently than before.  I remember when I lost the majority of my weight last year, that although I was “accused of being stuck up”, most people thought I just was

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The power of women

A few weeks ago, I attended a concert with Laura Story and Mandisa and saw how music, fellowship, and women of all ages began to feel as one…as if nothing could stand in their way.  It was phenomenal and completely made me believe in the power of women.  Not that

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Vow of compromise

Is this you?  Have you promised to settle for something less than you should have?  Less than you deserve?  I am sure we could all raise our hands on this one.  Maybe not all the time, but at some point when what our heart tells us to do is not

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