Here’s my story…

Since 2010, I have been writing my thoughts down. Some have been made them onto these pages. Perhaps you will find a little piece of you in them too.

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A little spring in our step

Earlier this week as I drove to work, I drove by the elementary school by boys all went to when they were younger.  I could not help but smile when I saw this little girl with a little spring in her step and she sang to herself as she hurried

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Starting over

Sometimes, we have to start over.  There is no other choice.  The game has changed and we decide we are no longer going to play by those rules.  We take a stand and move forward in another direction.  Other times, we just give up.  We quit trying.  It is easier,

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Off to save the world!

Yesterday, I stop in to see Rocky and on my way out, I say to her, “I’m off to save the world!  It is what I do.”  Yes, this is a little related to the Wizard of Oz and through this adventure with her, there were references along the way related

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Should a chance come to you…

would you take it?  Even if you had no idea what you were doing?  Have you ever just had to swallow hard, hoping no one hears, and just go for it?  Fighting through every thing that terrifies you that makes you want to run away as if you were on

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Are you who you said you would be?

When we were little, did we dream about being an astronaut or a doctor or a teacher or a mom or dad?  But more importantly, we probably didn’t dream about being kind and generous, or mean and hateful.  But as you look deep into who you are, are you who

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You could be the one to…

do anything you want to and make this world better.  Do you believe that?  I mean, REALLY believe that?  Or do you just agree with this because it is easier?  Guess what?  We all NEED to believe that.  Since I never know when something I say becomes significant to someone

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All of a sudden

Have you ever just totally got something….seriously, like it hits you upside the head?  Meaning, it finally makes sense.  Sometimes, you cannot even pinpoint why you now got it, when ten seconds ago you were miles away from getting it.  Last week, I found this quote and fell in love

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Show it to you

If you can’t see it, it is my responsibility to keep showing it to you until you see it.  I will not bring it to you…you have to go get it.  However, it is here should you want it.  Yes, I am dangling a carrot in front of you to

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Afraid of love

I protected myself well over the years.  On occasion, I still do it, but nothing like I used to.  It wasn’t that I was afraid to give love — that was easy for me to do.  I was afraid to accept it.  Where it should have been, it wasn’t.  When

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