Here’s my story…

Since 2010, I have been writing my thoughts down. Some have been made them onto these pages. Perhaps you will find a little piece of you in them too.

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Get lost in the moment

The last couple of days have been a whirlwind and as much as I was kind of surprised at my nervousness of the little thing I am doing tomorrow (in front of people), I think I am more excited about it than anything.  I have no expectations and no worries…ok,

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Not like any other day

Yesterday, I head into work with nothing really exciting planned, other than it is Fun Dip Wednesday and plan on it being a normal, average day.  By 9am, everything went haywire…but in an exciting, fun way.  Without letting the secret out, I shared a new website with a co-worker as

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Your last 24…

Life is precious.  There is not a price you can put on someone’s life and yet we forget that among all things, life is most important.  I wear two wristbands that remind me of special people who are fighting to keep their lives.  I have written about both of them before

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Our own story

“No man can walk out on his own story.”  I heard this line in a movie I recently watched and as most quotes do, got me thinking….What is your story?  Would people be surprised at what you would say?  I attended a benefit for a wonderful woman over the weekend

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Seeing is believing

Sometimes, until we see it, we will not believe it.  Even when we feel it, we want to dismiss it as unreal.  I know as that is how I once lived.  I never saw it, therefore it didn’t exist.  It stopped me in my tracks even when I could feel

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Do the unexpected

When you do the unexpected, people pay attention.  When you decide to break out of the every day mold that everyone else conforms to and holds on to because it keeps them safe.  I totally get that…more than you know.  When people follow their heads and do what is sensible

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Where do you find hope?

Today, on my walk, it seemed like the theme of the songs was HOPE and that got me thinking…yes, again.  Where do you find hope?  Does it come where you think it will or unexpected places and people?  Mine comes from places I probably never would have picked or seen years

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In our last G.I.F.T. meeting, I asked the group where they find energy and some of these lovely ladies were surprised by their answers.  I think one of them just starting talking about her new job and then we got samples afterwards so it then we were VERY energized!!  Thanks,

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No rewards

No reward comes without taking chances.  Yesterday, I took a big step forward in moving this dream forward in a much bigger way.  I cannot tell you what prompted me to send an inquiry yesterday…I mean, why yesterday?  But, I did  and received a very positive reply that was very

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