Here’s my story…

Since 2010, I have been writing my thoughts down. Some have been made them onto these pages. Perhaps you will find a little piece of you in them too.

What Are You Seeking To Learn More About?


My knees are a little sore, but my spirit is great.  I ran my first half-marathon on Sunday and was able to successfully complete the goals I had in mind as well.  I was nervous pretty much the whole time — thinking to myself, “Can I really do this?”  I

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Give more for nothing…

I love to give.  And then what does that do?  It makes me want to give more.  And more.  Sometimes, I forget to think about others but ultimately, my center is grounded when I put others first.  Yesterday, I was very surprised by the card that was given to me

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Inspired by innocence

Yesterday, I went to watch my husband’s 9-year-old select baseball team play and was quietly smiling to myself as these two boys were just playing catch in between innings caught my attention.  One was the pitcher and the other was the catcher.  The pitcher believed he was the greatest and the

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The first step

I have talked about how we change our lives by taking one small step towards something different and then I get inspired by something said to me by our 15-year-old son.  He hears a line in a song and passes it on to me…”The first step is the one you

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Challenge yourself!

I am one to push myself to be better and do more than I had done previously, but had get motivated by different things and people at different times.  Sometimes, I don’t understand it because it just seems to happen.  It happened a few years ago when I picked up

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If there is one thing I can learn every day, several times a day, it is perspective.  Regardless of what it pertains to or what is relative, perspectives can change and therefore, our thinking can change.  Sometimes, it is difficult, if not impossible, for others to see your perspective.  Someone

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Stuck in the middle

Have you ever felt like you were stuck in the middle?  Maybe because you were unsure of which way you needed to go, so you didn’t decide anything?  Me?  I just feel like I am stuck in the middle of who I am and who I could be.  Kind of

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It is not about YOU!

We all become selfish at times for various reasons.  Some we are not even sure why they showed up, but we fear being forgotten and not missed.  That we have become so insignificant that we feel like we do more or want more, but it never seems like it is

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Where does grace come from?  Is it easy or hard to find?  When we find it, do we know that that is what it is?  When we think of grace, we usually think of something bigger than us and how it means to give more for others.  I find grace

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